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Saw this video, on how China has basically surpassed the US, as a major consumer market:

It turns out, any date, where the number of the month matches the number of that day (12-12, 11-11) have all become consumer holidays. Not sure of the Japanese-originated consumer holiday known as White Day, will be boycotted because of recent events, or out of “Love for one’s country. Something tells me no.

There are many reasons why they won’t stop. The one I’ll be picking on, is as the video above had mentioned, “consumption therapy”, or as some would prefer to call it, Materialism As a Coping Mechanism. What it boils down to, is that you buy things to fill in the psychological void that is present, but it doesn’t really solve the problems, it just helps suppresses it. Some people go on, and feel guilty afterwards for making such poor purchasing decisions, and then the cycle repeats.

This is not supposed to be a cause for celebration, as the video above might suggest. America has had a consumerist mentality for so long, and look where it got itself, on more than one occasion, mind you. This is not a cause for celebration, this is an indication, that there are many psychological voids to fill, as has been mentioned in this 101 East Documentary:
(If you’re in the US, use a proxy located outside the US, to watch this video…)

In short, there are a lot of mentally ill people in China, and despite all the money generated for the economy at large, none of it is being dedicated to helping these people out. Some say that when it comes to psychological research, “Japan is 10 years behind the US, and China is 15 years behind Japan”. This suggests that the idea of treating the mentally ill, is still not a priority in that country. Let’s bring it back to the US though. A country as advanced as the US, especially in psychological disorder research, doesn’t dedicate the proper resources to tackle it as well. When the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting happened, the guy who committed the crime clearly had mental issues. In America, you could hear a glimpse of people start to talk about people with mental issues falling through the cracks, but it ended up being a ridiculous debate over gun control. At the same time that happened, a guy hacked away at a bunch of little kids in China. Yeah, HACKED, as in not SHOT with a gun, or even STABBED with a bayonet, HACKED with a giant sword. China already has heavy gun control laws, and it didn’t help these children. With the non-transparent nature of the Chinese government, it’s hard to get the full details about the man who did such things. So the best insight we might be able to get, is to further make some comparisons and assumptions about the Sandy Hook case, which the full police report will be passed out today.

If nothing is done to solve the issues of the mentally ill in a constructive manner, we’re going to see more of this, and urging people to consume. Yeah, consume away. At least now that online shopping is more prevalent, we might see less trampling deaths during shopping sales, like the one that happened in China back in 2007. And, that one Wal-Mart employee trampled to death by shoppers in 2008. Wait, online shopping was well-prevalent in America by that time. I guess we’ll keep on seeing this sort of stuff…


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