Children of China Napped

Watching this non-critical (pretty much propogandic) piece on the one-child policy, why it was put in place, and a little information on how it works (in theory):

China is pretty much FUBAR in a lot of areas. The government’s one-child policies have done a lot in terms of making everybody’s life “inconvenient”, to say the least. Heck, just this past June, it was pretty much fucked up. What the piece above doesn’t show is how the different local governments enforce these policies, such as the case with Feng, JianMei (馮建梅) . So while some infants are being killed in this instance, there’s another child phenomenon going on in China.

Child kidnappings! That’s right. Some people, for various reasons, can’t give birth to a son, or a child, and then you get this crap:

So why couldn’t these folks just adopt a kid from an orphanage instead? Well, with orphanages, you run into the legal paperwork the authorities make you fill out, just to adopt a kid. So, it’s easier to pay a guy some quick cash, and kidnap someone else’s. Why can’t these people just “steal” a kid from an orphanage instead? Who knows. Maybe the idea that these kids are “abandoned with good reason”, and since they have already been deemed “undesirable” by their own parents, they might as will just go ahead and steal someone else’s kid. Does this make you think China is filled with crazy people? Well, yes, it is. So many, that it doesn’t have the proper resources dedicated to the issue of healing or dealing with the mentally ill.

But maybe there’s also another aspect we haven’t looked at: International adoptions. Not just in China, but for any country. Money is given to these adoption agencies via administrative fees:
But in China’s case, where such matters involve the central government, the money ultimately flows back to them (directly or indirectly). Which means that when there’s money to be made, an industry will spurn, and anything that will get you money. Let me say that this is not unique to China, and happens a lot (particularly in places with enough poor people):
The following articles are specific to the cases in China… also in

It’s a big industry, and there’s a lot of money to earn. It’s also gotten to the point where some countries are starting to resist this trend:

Eh… Nevermind. I was going to try to make an economic case for this, claiming that these people are poor, and can’t afford the adoption fees. However, when you look at how much they spend to steal someone else’s child, it’s ridiculous. It’s unexcusable.

I would like to direct everyone’s attention to Mr. Custer (of China Geeks fame), who has already released a film about the subject of kidnapped children. Although in his movie, the kidnapped children aren’t brought to loving families:
Living with Dead Hearts


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