Jade Rabbit Rover Lands On Moon

China’s rover, named, the “Jade Rabbit (玉兔)” has landed on the moon.

Taiwan media’s Chong Tian(中天)’s coverage of the announcement:

Hong Kong-based, Chinese funded media, Phoenix Satellite Television(鳳凰衛視)’s discussion of the landing here:

Not much hasn’t already been covered about the moon. This is more of a domestic message, letting their own people know that they are catching up to developed nations, in terms of space exploration. When Obama took office, he said that we were “Going back to the moon“, but it was met with criticsm from Buzz Aldrin (second man to walk on the moon), suggesting that, instead of returning to the moon, we should be going to Mars instead. For now, the Chinese can be happy in following in someone else’s footsteps. However, I think they can finally truely celebrate, once China beats America. If not to Mars, maybe to some other planet.

In the meantime, here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson’s critique of the space epic “Gravity

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UPDATE: December 16, 2013
Chinese reactions to the rover landing:

COROLLARY: January 24, 2014
Lunar Rover Marks Another Advance in China’s Space Programs

UPDATE: February 7, 2014
[Sniffle] So much for kicking off the 甲午 New Year with a bang. The Jade Rabbit is dieing.


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