Baby Drop-off At ShenZhen Hospital.

ShenZhen hospital sets up baby drop-off. Don’t want your kid? No questions asked:

Well, abandoning your baby beats the hell out of infanticide. No really, it does.

  1. Premature Baby Girl Abandoned in Trash After Birth, Throat Cut
  2. Chinese Baby Found in Toilet’s Sewage Drain Pipe
  3. Zhejiang woman ‘abandons’ second child to avoid fines

Especially with that last link. We all know how serious some areas can get on enforcing the one-child policy. In June, 馮建梅(Feng, Jian-Mei) was forcibly enduced into labor, because she couldn’t pay those fines.

In other news, a mainland Chinese baby-napping gang stole a baby girl from a Hong Kong mother. Let’s hope the baby is found soon. Anyone in the area, please help search for the young child, so that she may return to her mother safely. Unlike the parents above, she didn’t even want to give her child away. What the fuck, world?

In slightly less depressing news, the kid who was kidnapped by someone, and then had his eyes gouged out by some bitch is recovering well<=a>. Why did he get his eyes gouged out? No one knows, but the bitch is still on the loose.

Still world, what the fuck?


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