Uyghurs at TianAnMen

Hey, guess what’s the latest thing to be censored by the central authorities?

The fact that some Uighur folk took a jeep and rammed it into Beijing’s TianAnMen Square, injuring 38 people.!

An official who answered the phone on Tuesday at a police station house in Pishan said one suspect, Yusupu Aihemaiti, had been living on a farm affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army but left in September. Pressed for further details, the officer hung up.

A police official in Shanshan County, the home of the second named suspect, Yusupu Wumaierniyazi, declined to discuss the case.

If the Tiananmen Square episode proves to be the work of Uighur assailants, it will suggest that the region’s seething discontent can no longer be confined to China’s far-off frontier, a vast expanse rich in oil and gas that borders Pakistan, Afghanistan and several Central Asian countries. Yang Shu, a professor who heads the Institute for Central Asian Studies at Lanzhou University, said he thought the event had the hallmarks of a suicide attack.

More details here:

Video from the Shanghaiist

45 detained in connection to this…

UPDATE: October 31, 2013
News agencies within China have finally formulated a message they can send out to their people:

UPDATE: January 01, 2014
More retaliations against Uighurs:

COROLLARY: January 11, 2014
More questions about the crash, eloquently laid out here:

Questioning whether the act was part of an organized group, or a lone-wolf act:
Also went into how China is changing its narrative, from normally describing this action as “separatist”, to becoming a victim of terror.


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