Map of Attacks

I’ve never really talked a whole lot about Snowden, but his whole issue was ingeniously timed with Obama’s meeting with Xi, Jin-Ping in California, back in June, where Obama was going to chastise the Chinese leader for attacks that were traced back to a military unit in China, all because the hackers within that unit were jumping through the Chinese firewall, to access their facebook page.

Well now, there’s this…

Interesting. On Google Idea’s website, they have a link to the Digital Attack Map:

The largest attacks are actually coming from the US.
Kinda’ reminds me of NotAZeroSum’s article “On the importance of international dialogue”. We tell all these other countries that they can’t have nuclear weapons, because it’s dangerous, and it indeed is. But the other country to actually attack another nation with nuclear weapons is the US. It’s lonely being on top.


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