America’s Playbook

So the current administration continues to ignore former President Carter’s heed to negotiate with North Korea, because North Korea has continually said it will continue its nuclear efforts, while threatening it will pre-emptively attack South Korea and the US. But then, the US does things like talk to Vietnam over a Nuclear Trade Pact, in which the Vietnamese may have access to some sensitive nuclear technology. In their defense, it helps that Vietnam isn’t really threatening to attack anyone.

Although, this would be an interesting play to see the continuing Spratly Islands saga between China and Vietnam. America always constantly pressures China into helping over North Korean issues, yet it goes ahead and gives nukes to Vietnam, which has had some rocky relations with China. Surely, the US has a bit more sensibility over this.

Reagan passed some missiles to China in the 1980s, to counter the USSR. Once the cold war was over, those missiles had to be pointed at someone, and that someone became Taiwan. Now, before you think, “Oh… America! Why do they shoot themselves in the foot like this?” Well, because now, there’s an excuse to sell weapons to Taiwan, of course!

So the question is: What’s in America’s playbook in Asia?


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