Sick Society

After having seen this article, about Li, Tian-Yi (李天一), the 富二代/二世蚤 (rich kid mooching off rich parents) who beat and gang-raped a poor girl with his friends, and then claimed he was only going out legitimately paying money for prostitutes:

First of all, prostitution is illegal in China. That alone is punishable. Let’s bring it back into context of what his mother Meng Ge (夢鴿), said about the society being sick. She is correct that this is a sick society. However, as I also said earlier, the line I draw is when the person takes action and commits the crime. Raping a woman is a UN Human Rights violation, but human rights isn’t something China fancies. So let’s not talk about that, or even the long-term consequences of rape victims face, or the suspicions everyone has about them, rape is honestly one of the most gruesome and cruelest things anyone can ever do to another person, and it is inexcusable no matter what. He didn’t have to do what he did to the poor girl, but he did anyways. Sure, he was plastered, but he didn’t have to drink in the first place, and even if he wasn’t plastered, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have done it without the alcohol.

This is indeed a sick society. Sick enough, that two parents couldn’t properly teach their child from right and wrong. Sick enough that parents would condone their child’s behavior, and try to pass it off as prostitution, as if it’s somehow any better. Sick enough, that the parents, without having lead any troops in battle, can somehow be generals in the Army just for being able to sing.

Meng Ge, you are correct. Society has created you and your husband into celebrities, giving you fame and a higher status in the world, and ultimately, both of you created a rapist.

Where Bo, Xi-Lai and Gu Kai-Lai failed as individuals, they have succeeded as parents. Their son, Bo, Gua-Gua is attending law school at the prestigious Columbia University. On the other hand, Meng Ge, you and your husband have great careers, yet you have failed as parents.

UPDATE: November 28, 2013
He got 10 years. Judge says he doesn’t care who his father is. If that’s true, the judge must be friends with a major rival of his father, and has a bit of sway in the government. Or, maybe he’s just a man with some balls? Who knows. Many people are sentenced to life imprisonment in more open countries, yet end up spending only a fraction of that time, for various reasons. We have yet to see how this will play…


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