The Case of Bo, XiLai

For those of you who remember 薄熙來(Bo, XiLai), and are wondering about his trial. Here’s a footage [in Cantonese], which claims that the trial is a sham. The numbers for both officers sandwiching him are the same:

Exact Time stamp here: 13m38s
They say that it’s because this is a very well-known case, the Party is trying to make him look very small, so they actually hired models instead. Thus, what the both of these people are wearing, are nothing but costumes with props.

And props to you, Sir! Mr. Bo, Xi-Lai, you’ve provided the world with a lot of entertainment over the past year, ever since your main man 王立軍(Wang, LiJun) headed to the US Consulate in an attempt to escape being killed by you. Thus, a song has been prepared for you:

UPDATE: August 24, 2013
Judge presiding over Bo’s case, 翟樹全(Zhai, Shu-Quan) was named…

…a “model” and a “people’s judge” for his incorruptible comportment and his toughness on corruption regardless of who is in the dock.

Thanks, Danwei!

Now back to 谷開來 (Gu, Kai-Lai), who during her trial, has made confessions of her husband’s wrongdoings. BeiJing Cream has a video here:

Call me sexist, but her tone of voice sounds like that of a desperate woman trying to muster up a sort of innocence in front of a camera. Hm…

Or could it be her double we’re seeing instead?

COROLLARY: August 24, 2013, 12:30pm
CNN has a good interview with Cheng Li, commenting on the case:

While Mr. Li doesn’t deny that the court case is scripted, he also suggests that 薄熙來(Bo, XiLai) might have gone off script.

COROLLARY: August 26, 2013
Mr. 吳國光(Wu, Guo-Guang) Thinks the whole trial is a piece of $#|+.
Why? Maybe because the content really is such. Bo says his wife 谷開來, is crazy, says his former righthand man 王立軍(WangLiJun) did it because he really wanted a chance at Bo’s wife…

UPDATE: December 18, 2013
Nice connection between offline events and when the term 薄熙來 was blocked on the Chinese internet:


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