Attack on Whistle Blower

This is the problem with governments: Whenever you get a concerned citizen who exposes something they did wrong, the government will come after you. America has that issue with that one guy hiding in Russia, but at least he’s still alive –for now.

In China, 劉曉波 (Liu, XiaoBo) wrote Charter 08 calling for political reforms, and was imprisoned. As a result, his wife is under house arrest, and his brother-in-law is put in prison under corruption charges, over a case that was previously unsubstantiated, but “re-opened under new evidence”. 陳光誠 (Chen, GuangCheng aka “Eric”), the blind dissident who exposed the harsh and unevenly enforced One-Child Policy, was under house arrest, and even when Batman tried to visit him, he got beaten up. Then of course, there’s 艾未未 (Ai, WeiWei), a guy who’s much more publicly loud about politics than I am, has done so much in protest to the Chinese government, just read his wiki for the full details.

However, with all this, the fact that things like this can still happen is just fucked up:

Yesterday morning [July 8], at about 9:50am, Huizhou’s famous netizen “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” (real name Li Jianxin) went out by car. After he was hit and stopped by another car while in a remote industrial park in Huiyang District Yonghu Town, he was attacked by 3 men with acid and hacked with knives. In the end, a large area on his back was burnt, two of his fingers were chopped off, his wrists were injured, and his right eye was blinded.

This incident happened at a remote location. Southern Metropolis Daily reporters found the waste yard worker named Zhang Li (pseudonym) who called Li Guiqiong. Zhang Li was in her dormitory when she heard someone crying for help. After she came out, she saw a wounded man lying on the ground. A little boy got out of the car, crying in tears, “daddy, I don’t want to go out and play ever again”. The little boy said there were 3 men who attacked his father.

None of these things should happen to anyone who wishes for a more transparent government. No child should ever have to witness such a thing happen to their own parent. Now, he’s facing a heap of medical bills, and is requesting help from netizens, yet because of bimbo 郭美美 (Guo, MeiMei) who mis-used Red Cross Donations for lavish handbags, cars, and other items of personal use, people are questioning these requests:
A video news commentary on the incident [in Mandarin] can be found here:


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