Heading On the 24th Year

Mr. 吳國光(Wu, Guo-Guang) reposted an old post about 陳希同 (Chen, Xi-Tong), the Beijing Mayor during the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and thought to be the one who called up the troops:

Mr. Wu, Guo-Guang holds a rather sympathetic view of the mayor, and believes that 陳希同 (Chen, Xi-Tong) was gravely wronged in the whole ordeal. In 1995, 陳希同 (Chen, Xi-Tong) was charged with corruption. He caused quite a controversy, when his autobiography came out, claiming that he wasn’t the one who called in and led the troops, contradicting Premier李鵬 (Li, Peng)‘s personal accounts, which were published years earlier. Here’s a video [in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles] which mentions the controversy:

Mr. Stephen Shiu, of the “香港人網 (Hong Kong Reporter)”, mentions his support for Hong Kong’s continuing candlelight events in memory of Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 (Cantonese Video):


Mr. Wu, later posted a corollary to a posting he made on ChinaFile:

吳國光按:我也應邀說了兩句,實在是言未及義(請見鏈接)。我那最後一句話,其實要說的是:So, for the nation there is nothing called “future” (所以,這個民族也談不上什麼“未來”)。我沒有說出來,還是不想作太刺激的言語。但願這只是我每年五月底六月初的“春夏之交抑鬱症”在作祟,但願過了這幾天之後我也不總是這樣悲觀絕望。



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