Chinese-Tibetan Clash Over Minerals and Ancient Lands

As many as 5,000 Tibetans have protested against Chinese mining operations at a site considered sacred by local residents, drawing a large security force to the area and prompting fears of clashes, according to Tibetan sources this week.

The protest last Friday took place at Naglha Dzambha mountain in Tibet’s Driru (in Chinese, Biru) county, the scene of similar protests two years ago, sources said.

“On May 24, about 100 members a Chinese company arrived at Naglha Dzambha on the pretext of putting up cable towers and power lines and building hydroelectric projects for the benefit of the people,” a resident of the area told an RFA Tibetan Service call-in show on Saturday.

Clashes like this will only continue in the forseen future, because today, it’s resources that will provide raw materials for China’s economic juggernaut. Tomorrow, they will be sure to have discovered some other resource for energy:


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