13 year-old Handcuffed


2013 April 6th, Guizhou province Hezhang county Kele town Party Secretary Yuan Zehong had an altercation because a female minor, Rao Yao (13 years old), accidentally spilled water on a town government car. The town’s Deputy Mayor got out of the car and had an argument that came to blows with this minor girl. At the same time, this deputy mayor called the town’s party secretary Yuan Zehong over. Subsequently, Yuan Zehong led the town’s approximately 30 personnel and the town’s local police personnel in beating Chen Ziju (the minor girl Rao Yao’s aunt), causing Chen Ziju to immediately pass out and die. Just because Chen Ziju had said, “handcuffing will emotionally traumatize Rao Yao”, they then used handcuffs to shackle minor girl Rao Yao and paraded her publicly for approximately 20 minutes (paraded her up and down the street twice, with a police car leading the way with its siren on). Soon after, she was then taken to the local police station where she was illegally detained for 12 hours.

This afternoon, Yuan Zehong told this Chengdu.cn reporter that on the day of the incident, the deputy town mayor was leading a team [of government personnel and law enforcement] on the streets policing street peddlers, and had a dispute with the girl and her family members. After the local police arrived, and because the girl was physically quite big, police staff did not know that she was a minor, and therefore used handcuffs to bind her and put her on the police vehicle. Yuan Zehong claims the so-called parading is a fabrication.

You know what her actual crime was? Not purposefully dumping crappy water onto their car. If a mob can go ahead and smash Japanese cars, over some ridiculous dispute over a couple rocks, why the hell didn’t they go bust up this asshole’s car on the girl’s behalf?


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