Sharkfin Soup

Got this video from BeiJing Cream

Personally, I can appreciate the video from a pure technical standpoint. Sadly, it’s the way the message was delivered I have an issue with. It talks about the cruel methods in which people take shark fins, and then dump the body, pleading us to save its life so that it can continue to live. I’m sorry, but when most people think of sharks, they think of JAWS:

So when these fishermen take the fins, and then dump the body back in the water, completely disabling it from eating other fish and wildlife under the sea, the other creatures come around and celebrate like the Wicked Witch of the West is dead:

So in this sense these fishermen are sort of “helping” the ecosystem in a way. The way you are going to promote your cause to save the sharks, is if you exploit the fact that this is a delicacy which is out of reach to the common man, is used in lavish banquets to shower rich people. If you haven’t noticed, there are many poor people in China who are screwed everyday by the system in place, and thus, there’s a lot of anger in the country. Especially towards rich people, with good reason.

Videos like this clearly show the average person’s disconnect to the food that they eat. If you’re not going to eat shark fin soup because you don’t want to kill life, then it’s OK to go vegetarian or vegan. However, if you’re doing it because just killing sharks is bad, then why aren’t people committing themselves to an anti-bacon campaign, to save the little piggies? Maybe, these people who hate shark fin soup haven’t tried it with bacon bits sprinkled on top?


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