Black Christmas

For most of the world, December 25 is Christmas. Even for non-Christians, it has become a holiday, or at least an excuse to go home and relax. However, for Hong Kong, this is a day to remember the end of the Battle of Hong Kong, and the beginning of Japanese occupation of the area.

Many had already fled from different parts of China to Hong Kong to avoid the Japanese, but once the Japanese arrived, some had to flee to Portuguese-occupied Macau, and French-oppupied Kouang-Tchéou-Wan (present-day Zhanjiang). Reason being? Hong Kong was a British colony, and they were allied with the US and China, both declared enemies of Japan. France had already given up to Germany, which was an ally of Japan’s and set up the Vichy government. Portugal at the time, was a neutral country. Both territories would fall to Japan in 1943, but this occupation would be short-lived, since the Emperor of Japan would declare an end to war on August 15, 1945.

Before this came about, life had been rough for everyone living in occupied territory (except Taiwan, for the most part). Japanese atrocities have been mentioned several times throughout this blog, but what’s rarely mentioned is the actual list of charges brought against criminals of WWII. With all this, it’s hard to think anyone would try to deny history, but nonethless, it happens, and every time history gets revised, that old wounds start to flare up, everyone goes crazy, and turns into a mob, which isn’t constructive at all. As I had mentioned, regardless of how both sides see each other, protests in anger won’t solve anything. Both sides need to break the mold, because if this keeps going on, people are going to react in ways that some may not like.


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