China Misunderstands Hong Kong


China’s misunderstanding of #OccupyHK and the #UmbrellaRevolution, is sending the wrong message to others as well: JohnRoss431:我不便評論香港2017年特首普選問題,因為我畢竟不是中國人。但西方媒體就香港問題的報導太虛偽吐。在英國殖民統治香港的150年間,英國從未允許香港人選舉香港總督,美國也沒有因此抗議英國。現在中國為香港設計的體系遠比英國民主得多,但美國卻強烈抗議中國政府。順便問一下,挖掘機技術哪家最強? Here’s the translation of JohnRoss431: JohnRoss431:It’s inconvenient for me to comment on Hong Kong’s 2017 Chief Executive general election issue, because I’m…

Hong Kong: Making History Again


Live blogs to follow #OccupyCentral (#佔領中環): NOVEMBER 5, 2014 –Thanks @RightNowIO_Feed UPDATE September 30, 2014 Here is live video coverage from the Apple Daily (蘋果日報):

Summer Religious Smackdown!

coexist China has reprimanded 15 Xinjiang officials for violations that include adhering to religious faith, state media said on Tuesday, amid a crackdown on what the government calls illegal religious activities in the unruly western region. There is a line…